bat|tle1 W2 [ˈbætl] n
3¦(change bad situation)¦
4 be half the battle
5 a battle of wits
6 battle of wills
7 do battle (with somebody)
8 fight your own battles
9 the battle of the sexes
10 the battle of the bulge
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: bataille, from Late Latin battalia 'fighting', from Latin battuere 'to hit']
1.) ¦(FIGHT)¦
a fight between opposing armies, groups of ships, groups of people etc, especially one that is part of a larger war
the Battle of Trafalgar
in battle
Her son was killed in battle.
into battle
a knight riding into battle
battle between
battles between government forces and the rebels
a pitched battle (=a long and serious battle) between police and drug gangs
a situation in which opposing groups or people compete or argue with each other when trying to achieve success or control
a long-running legal battle
battle for
a battle for custody of their children
battle between
a fierce ratings battle between rival TV stations
battle with
an on-going battle with my mother about eating properly
an attempt to solve a difficult problem or change an unpleasant situation
battle against
a battle against the racism of the school system
battle with
a long battle with lung cancer
battle for
Scientology has fought long battles for acceptance as a religion.
Learning to read as an adult is tough work, but you can win this battle if you try.
We've tried to mend the fence several times, but we're fighting a losing battle .
Keeping the house tidy is an uphill battle when the kids are all at home.
4.) be half the battle
to be a difficult or important part of what you have to do
Just getting an interview is half the battle.
5.) a battle of wits
a situation in which opposing sides try to win by using their intelligence
A good mystery story is a battle of wits between author and reader.
6.) battle of wills
a situation in which opposing sides refuse to change what they want, in the hope that the other side will decide to change first
a battle of wills between teacher and student
7.) do battle (with sb)
to argue with someone or fight against someone
She walked into the room with her eyes blazing, ready to do battle.
8.) fight your own battles
to argue with someone or compete in a difficult situation without having help from other people - used to show approval
It's all right, Mum. I can fight my own battles.
9.) the battle of the sexes
the relationship between men and women when it is considered as a fight for power
10.) the battle of the bulge
the act of trying to lose weight - used humorously
COLLOCATES for sense 3
fight a battle
win a battle
lose a battle
a losing battle (=something you cannot achieve)
an uphill battle (=something that is very difficult to do)
battle 2
battle2 v
1.) [I and T]
to try very hard to achieve something that is difficult or dangerous
Firefighters battled the flames for four hours last night.
battle against/with
She had battled bravely against cancer.
battle for
a pressure group battling for better schools
battle to do sth
Doctors battled to save his life.
2.) battle it out
to keep fighting or opposing each other until one person or team wins
32 teams will battle it out in the finals.
3.) [i]literary
to take part in a fight or war

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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